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Koněprusy caves - Organ hall

Koněprusy cavec - Curtain in Mareš's hall

The caves are situated in Central Bohemia, 7 km South of Beroun, in the middle of the nature reserve of Czech Karst, not far from castles Křivoklát and Karlštejn. The caves were discovered in 1950 and made accessible for the public in 1959.

Koněprusy caves - Dripstones

Koněprusy caves - Old corridor

The caves are developed in 400 milion years old Devonian limestones, consist of three levels to be found 70 m under the ground-level and over 2 km long. The accessible part is 620 m long and sightseeing tour lasts one hour.

The top level housed in the 15th century a secret workshop of money forgers. The cave can boast of unique opal-bearing decorations, as well as numerous paleonthological exavations, documenting the history of earth Nature of the past 1,5 milion years.

Visit: Visits only with guide. Tour: 620 meters length, 533 stairs (83 screw stairs in the end of the tour), 50-60 minutes duration, 10,5°C average air temperature and 96 - 100% air humidity.

Free mobile guide application - cave text/audio guide cz/en/de

Guided tours are performed only in czech language. Foreign visitors can borrow written guide in cashbox for 50 CZK deposit (deposit will be returned after returning text guide) or you can use new free mobile application - guide for your smartphone or tablet in czech, english or german language:

Mobile written guide

In installed application you can read text guide in czech, english or german language:

Mobile audio guide (optional, after additional download audio from item Audio in main menu)

You can olso additionaly download audio guides (donwloads in item Audio in main menu) and then you can listen text in czech, english or german language:

Free Mobile guide application download

You can download Mobile guide application for all public show caves in Czech republic from http://m.lwi.cz/jeskyne/ or you can use direct link to: Google Play or Apple App Store

It's recommended to download application and additional audio files (Audio in main menu) in your country or by some Wi-Fi hotspot as prevention from downloading data via mobile roaming (internet connection cost issue).
There are no public Wi-Fi hotspot near the cave and mobile internet connection can be very slow.

Caves open daily (Sunday - Saturday):

January, February, March-- closed --
April, May, Juneeveryday 8:00 - 16:00 (last visit starts at 16:00)
July, Augusteveryday 8:00 - 17:00 (last visit starts at 17:00)
Septembereveryday 8:00 - 16:00 (last visit starts at 16:00)
Octobereveryday 8:30 - 15:00 (last visit starts at 15:00)
Novembervisits only on business days starts at: 9:00, 11:00, 14:00
December-- closed --

Flashlight-only Tours

Come to the Koněprusy Caves on last Monday in April, May, June, August, September and October and enjoy an extraordinary experience by seeing the caves only with flashlight - with the regular lights turned off!

An extraordinary guided tour in a cave out of opening hours is possible if operational conditions allow and the previous agreement with the Cave Administration has been reached. At such a case minimal number of paying persons in a group is 10, additional fee per a person amounts 100%.

Entrance fee

Adults220 CZK
Senior 65+180 CZK
Studensts up to 26 years only with valid ISIC student card180 CZK
Childrens under 3 years (must be announced at the cash desk)FREE
Childrens between 3 and 15 years120 CZK
Taking photos0 CZK
Taking video0 CZK
Deposit for a text for foreigners50 CZK
Students must have a valid International student card - ISIC!


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Koněpruské jeskyně

Koněpruské jeskyně

Koněpruské jeskyně

Koněpruské jeskyně

Koněpruské jeskyně

Koněpruské jeskyně

Koněpruské jeskyně

Koněpruské jeskyně

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